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The first time I browsed App Fuel's Tricks I was able to add 3 onboarding test ideas to our backlog. The second time around, I found 2 ready-to-show examples for test ideas I already had.
With Tricks, App Fuel is establishing itself as a must-have for anybody working on optimizing onboarding and the early-product experience.

Sylvain Gauchet
Growth @Babbel

Tricks gives me easy access to a gallery of various examples that I use it to find inspiration on updates to the Breathenow app.
It's so convenient to have this just a click away rather than having to download each app, log in and look at what they do. It's also easier to share insights with my colleagues.

Jules Minvielle
Co-founder @Breathenow

App Fuel is a fantastic resource for app developers, PM & marketers. The screen galleries are easy-to-browse and extensive, but App Fuel real value is beyond just the what.
It showcases the how & why through complete flows, case studies on the blog, and detailed teardown in Tricks.

Thomas Petit
Growth Consultant & Mobile Advisor

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We are Alex, Max, and Thibault, and we are product guys and investors. We started App Fuel to help the best app founders, product and growth leads remain at the forefront of the ecosystem.

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