Learnings from Meditopia: product discovery, conversion and social sharing

December 2020

Meditopia has quietly become one of the biggest meditation apps, with a strong presence especially in large non-English speaking countries like Japan, Russia, Brazil or Turkey. It is the third most downloaded meditation app in 2020, just behind the two giants Calm and Headspace. Its success lies undoubtedly in the quality of the app and we have highlighted several best practices from Meditopia.

  • Minimal onboarding with early interstitial for a free trial: show the value proposition and push the 12-month subscription. After signin up, the user is invited to answer the question "Where would you like to start?". This question allows a bit of personalization, but it is above all a way to list the value of the app early. It gives the impression of abundance and comprehensiveness of the app. Second, Meditopia has decided to push only the yearly premium plan in the onboarding, whereas other plans are available later on in the app.

  • Show the abundance of features step by step. The app can appear to be overwhelming when used for the first time. Meditopia has a smart notification process to enable the user to discover features on the go: Sleep, Meditation, Challenges, Notes, etc.

  • Increase brand awareness via social sharing. Meditopia has introduced features to make social sharing easier, especially via daily notifications. Everyday, Meditopia sends a notification with an inspiring quote that is ready to be shared.

  • Navigation through questions. A simple question at the top of the screen is a less boring and way to find relevant content, instead of browsing through categories. Meditopia asks you how you feel, and displays content based on your answer.

  • A real free version: retain first, convert later. Unlike competitors, Meditopia showcases free content on every first screen when the user opens the app. In doing so, Meditopia bets that frustration is not the only way to make users go premium. Recurring usage and stickiness can do it too. Free users on Calm and Headspace feel like they cannot use the free version on the long term.

  • Sense of community in Meditopia. Meditopia insists a lot on community and friends. It's a win-win strategy: it means higher motivation for the user and more users for Meditopia. The growth of the community relies on several tricks, including a classic referral program and social features like inviting friends to take part in challenges.

  • Product fits your everyday habit: Features like the reminder or the situation-based sessions are good examples of how Meditopia tries to make you feel like the app can be used at the most appropriate moment for them.
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